EV Atlantis Accessories

Round copper brush 30mm
Round horse hair brush 30mm
Round steel brush 30mm
Round plastic brush 60mm
Round plastic brush 30mm
Point nozzle with metal brass tip
Extension pipes
Steam hose
Triangular brush
Universal brush
Bottle for filling

EV Atlantis Additional Accessories

EV SANIX thermal fogging

The revolutionary EV SANIX is based on the Venturi injector module. In this way you can reduce the time for disinfection from hours to seconds. The speed of the steam flow creates suction to the 90° angle attached pipe with restrictor from the EV SANIX bottle. In this way the created vacuum allows the liquid to be injected directly in the steam flow with high speed.

The steam mixed together with the liquid and creates a perfect FOGGING mixture for spraying on every kind of surfaces. Depending on the liquid in the EV SANIX bottle, it could be used for AIR sanitation, SURFACE disinfection from bacteria and viruses pretreatment of stained materials.

EV H2O2 Silver Bio

EV H2O2 Silver Bio concentrate at 2.5% is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions. Its biodegradable nature makes it effective for both commercial and home use. The combination of the antimicrobial silver with the potent oxidizer makes EV H2O2 Silver Bio strong and eco-friendly disinfectant. EV H2O2 Silver Bio is a detergent, suitable for sanitizing all kinds of floors, washable surfaces, equipment and fabrics. Due to the action of the hydrogen peroxide with silver ions it has decontaminating, disinfecting, virucidal, bactericidal, mycobactericidal and fungicidal effect.

Particularly suitable for sanitation, in catering as well as in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors and dentist offices, gyms, public transportation, theaters and cinemas, hotels and restaurants, schools and kindergartens, shops and supermarket, etc. For thermos fogging against human coronavirus. (Coronavirus 229E)*

* Certified by accredited EU laboratory

EV Iron

The EV Iron is working with 110g steam per minute. That means it penetrates deep into the fibers to erase creases in one pass. The hot teflon plate glides over your clothing smoothly and easily so this is really not such a chore anymore. This iron is as close to professional equipment as you can get at home. The combination of the EV Iron and our high quality EV Atlantis helps you to iron easier because of the large quantity of steam and increased pressure generated by the unit. With the EV professional iron you can save more than half of the time for ironing and use it with ease on difficult fabrics such as linen, cotton, denim and others.

EV Air Freshener

You can use this small EV accessory for more than one function:

  • Purifying the air;
  • Aroma therapy;
  • Inhalations;
  • Deep facial steam bath;
  • Insect expulsion.

The special place for drops allows you to use essential oil for aroma therapy. This is very helpful for headaches, inflammation, stress, muscle tightness or a physical discomfort after a long working day.

The EV Air Freshener works with the powerful dry steam of EV Atlantis and can be used for different kinds of inhalations. You can put some sea salt in it, if you are feeling sick or just make a facial steam bath with tea tree oil. Use some chamomile or mint if your sinuses feel a little blocked. You will start feeling better only after 10 minutes.

EV Steam Brush

Show your customers that their safety is your main priority.

Disinfect textiles and fabrics without compromising their commercial appearance. The EV Steam Brush will help you clean and disinfect all tried on items in seconds.

Thanks to the plate with built-in heating element, each treated surface remains dry and available for the next customer. The natural bristles of the steam brush allow you to treat silk, wool, viscose and all other delicate fabrics.

  • Additional button for continuous steam outlet;
  • Ergonomic handle for more comfortable use;
  • Central microswitch for right and left-handed.